Kermit Dane Kermit Dane


Natalie W:

Kermit did my hair/makeup for my wedding 9/17/16. I can't say enough amazing things about Kermit, his professionalism, and his skills. I have a TON of long, thick hair. He was insanely fast and I felt almost no weight from the updo! It rained all day on my wedding and we were brave and went out into it for over an hour for photos. Amazingly, my hair (and makeup!!!) stayed perfect through all of that as well as the rest of the entire night! I love Kermit, hire him to do your bridal hair and makeup!

Lisa J:

Kermit delivers! I always look forward to my appointments with Kermit. The experience is about more than just getting a new haircut. Hanging out with Kermit is about reconnecting, catching up and being pampered. I always leave with a fresh new haircut and a renewed sense of energy. I look good and I feel good. What more could I ask for?

Kermit has been cutting and styling my hair for about 6 years now. Has it really been that long?! In that time, he’s helped me go from short and sassy to long and luscious! Who knew that I could look so good in long hair? I LOVE it! Along with my hair transitions, Kermit and I have shared stories about loves and losts, dating & marriage, new family & friends, travel experiences and dreams for next adventures. I always look forward to our time together.

Amy G:

About 3 years ago when I was "shopping" around for a new hairdresser, Kermit came highly recommended. I scheduled my first appointment and haven't had to shop around since. Being a mom of two young girls and working full time, I don't have a ton of opportunity to go get my hair cut and highlighted. This was one of the first things I told Kermit when I met him. His cuts and colors are so amazing that I can go 3-4 (sometimes 5!) months in between my visits. A huge benefit as a working mom! Not only is Kermit an incredible hair dresser, he is also funny, sweet, charming, kind and honest! And....hands down, he gives the MOST amazing head massage a human being could ever ask for. Period. Sometimes I wish the way he cut/colored my hair would necessitate more visits just so I could get my hair washed by him. So grateful I found a keeper in Kermit!

Leighanne L:

I moved to Seattle five years ago and before I even unpacked, I got myself a gorgeous hair cut from the talented Kermit Allen. He's been cutting, highlighting, and styling my hair ever since. This man knows hair like he knows pop culture, and each time I see him he has learned something new he's eager to share with me. Because he knows me, my style, and my hair so well, I trust him implicitly when he has a suggestion to make, like when he suggested strawberry blonde might suit me better than the rusty color I had selected--of course, he was right. Kermit has taught me so much about taking care of and styling my hair, from short bobs to long wavy tresses, and it must show, because people often ask me to set them up with the person who does my hair. I'm happy to share! If you want an awesome experience with someone who "gets" you and what you want, and is also incredibly funny, kind, and charming, go see my friend Kermit.